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Happy Customers

First let me start by saying Carbolift worked great but their customer service is even better!

I used Carbolift on a $2800 J’s Racing V-hood that had 3 layers of paint and it worked exactly as described. It removed all 3 layers and left the gel coat completely unharmed. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to bring back their hidden carbon fiber finish.

Mark Byron Alvarez

I used this product on my Lancer Evolution spoiler and it turned out great. The guy at the paint shop would not touch my spoiler because he was afraid to hurt the carbon fiber. When I brought the spoiler back to the paint shop the guys looked at me with amazement they couldn’t believe how easy it was for me to strip the paint and gel coat without hurting the carbon fiber. You guys rock Carbolift is the best paint stripper I have ever used. Levi Stewart

Worked exactly as described and saved me lots of time and effort. Thanks to CarboLift I didn’t have to sand the carbon fiber and didn’t risk damaging it. I will definitely use it again in the future. Daniel Teresiak

Surface prepping, hardest part of painting process, with my experience, carbolift cut my work time in half, with the right tools on hand, paint stripping is a breeze, and customer service is top notch thanks PaintLifting! Jeffrey Tulabot

Check out this latest video of CarboLift removing paint off a Giant TCR fork and frame!